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Non Timber Forest Product Resources


The purpose of this page is to provide a permanent repository of extension style how-to NTFP literature. This is especially important because over time many valuable resources like these disappear because of website maintenance issues, changes in programs, and other factors. We have no financial incentive or gain from providing this service (and in fact it costs us time and money to do so). Files below are downloadable and/or uncopyrighted, in the public domain, or we have secured permission to make them available here. Citation information can be found within the files. If you have a published resource you would like us to consider adding, please email us.

To search keywords in titles on this page use your browser's search/find tool (under "Edit" in Firefox). That method is okay but you will likely miss articles with titles not identifying specific species or products. Your next best option is to scroll through the articles and view or download the ones you think may have useful content.

2024 - Evaluating Atlantic White Cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides) in the NE US

2022 - North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual 3rd Edition

2022 - Shiitake Mushroom Production Fruiting Harvesting Storage

2022 - Sand Pine Trees as Non-Timber Forest Products in American Southeast Landscapes

2022 - New Preface to Nontimber Forest Products in the United States (period 2002 to 2022)

2021 - Marketing Agroforestry Products Lessons from Producers

2020 - Maple Syrup Beginner Notebook
2020 - Native Plant Seed Saving 101 

2020 - Cultivation of Ramps

2020 - Collection and production of native seeds for ecological restoration

2019 - Maple Sap to Syrup Guide

2019 - Prickly Pear Cactus - Food of the Desert

2019 - Harvesting Native and Indigenous Perennial Seeds

2019 - Sugarbush Mapping Measuring Density

2018 - Native Plant Seed Collecting Tricks and Tips

2018 - Maine Native Plants for Roadside Restoration

2017 - Shiitake Mushroom: Nontimber Forest Products for Small Woodland Owners

2017 - Recommended Food Safe Best Practices for Producing Maple Syrup In New York State

2017 - Bigleaf Maple Syrup: Nontimber Forest Products for Small Woodland Owners

2017 - Forest Finance: Opportunities from Ginseng Husbandry in Pennsylvania

2017 - GAP & GMP Practices for Botanical Materials

2016 - Pennsylvania Guidelines for Maple Syrup Processors

2015 - Non-Timber Forest Products and Forest Stewardship Plans

2014 - Where Can Non-Timber Forest Products be Sold?

2014 - Weaving Knowledge: How Traditional & Scientific Knowledge Can Contribute to Management of Good Beargrass Harvesting Sites for Basketry

2014 - Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation

2014 - Marketing Specialty Forest Products

2014 - Forest Farming Ramps

2013 - Minnesota Special Forest Products Harvest To Market Directory

2013 - Goldenseal

2013 - Best Management Practices for Log-based Shiitake Cultivation

2012 - Inventory and Mapping: A Beginner’s Guide to Basic Inventory and Digital Mapping of Nontimber Forest Products on Small Private Forestlands

2012 - Forest Transplants: Introduction to Marketing Understory Plants from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Native Seed: An Introduction to Income Opportunities from Native Seed Gathered from Small Private Forest Lands in the PNW

2012 - Seasonal Calendar of Commercially Harvested Nontimber Forest Products: Income Opportunities from PNW Forests

2012 - Nontimber Forest Products: Income Opportunity Resources and Steps for Starting a New NTFP Business

2012 - Harvesting Nontimber Forest Products in Conservation Set-Asides: An Introduction for Small Forestland Owners in the PNW

2012 - Wild Forest Foods: Introduction to Harvesting and Marketing Edible Plants and Fungi from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Labor Options for Nontimber Forest Product Enterprises: Introduction for Small Private Forestland Owners in the PNW

2012 - Using Public Forestlands to Supplement Nontimber Forest Product Supplies for Small Private Forestland-Based Businesses

2012 - Wild Floral Greens: Introduction to Harvesting & Marketing Floral and Decorative Products for Commercial Use from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - U-Picks Aren't Just for Farms: Introduction to Developing Nontimber Forest‐Based Tourism Operations on Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Forest Medicinals: Introduction to Harvesting and Marketing Medicinal Plants from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Cascara Bark: Introduction to Harvesting and Marketing for the Medicinal Herb Market from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Farm‐Stay Tourism on your Small Forestland for Supplemental Income: Introduction to the Concept for Landowners in the PNW

2012 - Wild Mushrooms: Introduction to Harvesting and Marketing Wild Edible Mushrooms for Commercial Use from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Evergreen Boughs: Introduction to Harvesting and Marketing from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Figured Wood: A primer for commercial production on small forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Oregon Native Truffles: A primer for commercial production on small forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Oregon Truffle Market Analysis: A Business Planning Guide for Small Woodland Owners

2012 - Income Opportunities: Oregon Native Culinary Truffles

2012 - Oregon Commercial Culinary Native Truffles Poster

2012 - Oregon Grape Root: Introduction to Harvesting and Marketing Oregon Grape as a Medicinal Herb from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Oregon Grape Market Analysis: A Business Planning Guide for Small Woodland Owners

2012 - Huckleberry Market Analysis: A Business Planning Guide for Small Woodland Owners

2012 - Huckleberry: Introduction to Harvesting and Marketing from Small Private Forestlands in the PNW

2012 - Farmer’s Markets and Wild Foods

2012 - Key Steps in Starting a NTFP-based Business

2012 - Pawpaw Fact Sheet

2012 - Wildcrafting Non-Timber Forest Products — An Overview

2012 - Native Fruit and Nut Trees and Shrubs of the Virginia Mountains and Piedmont

2012 - Woody Florals for Income and Conservation

2012 - What is Forest Farming

2011 - North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual

2011 - NTFPs from Pennsylvania: American Ginseng

2011 - NTFPs from Pennsylvania: Forest Moss

2011 - NTFPs from Pennsylvania: Goldenseal

2011 - Guidance Wild Crop Harvesting

2011 - Economics and Who To Sell To

2011 - Growing American Ginseng in Forestlands

2011 - Nontimber Forest Products in the United States: Montreal Process Indicators as Measures of Current Conditions and Sustainability

2010 - Does Spout Size Matter for Sap Yield?

2010 - Sugarbush Thinning – Strategies for Improved Tree Health and Sap Sugar Production

2010 - Forest Farming: Have Maples, Will Sugar

2010 - Maple Syrup Production

2009 - Maple Syrup: A Taste of Nature

2009 - Non-Timber Forest Products, Tourism, and Small Scale Forestry Income Opportunities and Constraints

2009 - Willow

2009 - Galax Fact Sheet

2009 - Crop Profiles for Ginseng in Washington (state)

2009 - Taking A Bough - Minnesota's Balsam Bough Industry

2009 - Producing and Marketing Wild Simulated Ginseng in Forest and Agroforestry Systems

2009 - Forest Farming Medicinal Plants

2009 - Cultivation of Shiitake on Natural and Synthetic Logs

2008 - Management Guidelines for Expanding Pinyon Nut Production Colorado

2008 - Managing Pinyon Ecosystems As Nut Groves Poster 

2008 - Developing Redcedar Essential Oil Market in Minnesota: Economic Opportunity for Rural Development?

2008 - Best Practices for Producing Quality Birch Syrup

2008 - Minnesota Special Forest Products Harvest-To-Market Directory

2008 - Marketing Local Forest Products: Building Rural Community Vitality and Landowner Prosperity

2008 - Alaska Non-Timber Forest Products Harvest Manual: For Commercial Harvest on State-Owned Lands

2008 - Non-timber Forest Products – Can Timber and Non-timber Products be managed compatibly?

2008 - A Harvester's Handbook: A Guide to Commercial Non-Timber Forest Products

2008 - Growing Shiitake Mushrooms in an Agroforestry Practice

2007 - Ginseng Factsheet

2007 - Ecology and Management of Morels Harvested From the Forests of Western North America

2007 - Shiitake Mushroom Production on Logs

2007 - Balsam Boughs in Minnesota: A Resource and Market Study

2007 - Native Plant and Seed Production

2007 - Pine Straw Production in N. Florida: Potential Revenues, Fertilization Practices, and Vegetation Management

2007 - A Guide to Selling Native Prairie Seed in Nebraska

2007 - How to Tap Maple Trees and Make Maple Syrup

2007 - Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Future Opportunities

2007 - Maple Syrup Quality Control Manual

2007 - Balsam Bough: Careful Harvest Fact Sheet

2006 - Agroforestry Training Manual

2006 - Black Cohosh: An Annotated Bibliography

2006 - Bloodroot: An Annotated Bibliography

2006 - Training Manual for Applied Agroforestry Practices (see forest farming section)

2005 - Harvesting Ginseng

2005 - Users Guide for Noble Fir Bough Cruiser

2005 - Marketing Special Forest Products in New York State A Practical Manual for Forest-based Enterprises

2005 - Birch Cedar Willow Careful Harvest Factsheet

2004 - Bigleaf Maple Syrup: Homemade Western Maple Syrup

2004 - From the Woods: American Chestnut

2004 - Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Other Native Roots

2003 - Eastern Woodlot Possibilities

2003 - Traditional White Oak Basketmaking Enterprise

2003 - Dyeing to Find Out Extracting Nature's Colors

2003 - Shiitake Mushrooms Enterprise

2003 - Analysis of the Economic Viability of Cultivating Selected Botanicals in North Carolina

2003 - Collection to Commerce: Western North Carolina Non-Timber Forest Products and Their Markets

2002 - Nontimber Forest Products in the United States

2002 - Shiitake Production on Logs: Step-by-Step in Pictures

2002 - Hobby Maple Syrup Production Factsheet

2002 - More to a Forest Than Trees

2002 - Birch and Birch Bark

2002 - Birch Bark Extractives

2002 - Balsam Bough and Wreath Industry in Minnesota

2002 - Collection, Growth, and Use of Native Plants, Trees, and Shrubs in Forested Landscapes

2002 - Seed Collection for Direct Seeding

2002 - Managing for a Diversity of Value-added Forest Products

2002 - Native Forest Restoration for Sustainable Wild Craft Production on the Farm

2002 - Special Forest Products Field Guide

2001 - Honey Fact Sheet

2001 - Oakwood Basket Factsheet

2001 - Sweetgum Fact Sheet

2001 - Goldenseal Fact Sheet

2001 - Echinacea Fact Sheet

2001 - Slippery Elm Fact Sheet

2001 - Vines for Wreaths and Other Products Fact Sheet

2001 - Forest Seeds Fact Sheet

2001 - Pecan Fact Sheet

2001 - Walnut Fact Sheet

2001 - Ginseng Fact Sheet

2001 - Medicinal and Herbal Products Fact Sheet

2001 - Special Forest Products Information Guide for the Pacific Northwest

2000 - Wild Plum Planting Guide

2000 - Pine Straw Management in Florida's Forests

2000-  Nontimber Forest Products for Pacific Islands: An Introductory Guide for Producers

2000 - Writing a Business Plan Adapted for the Wild Harvest Sector

2000 - Alakan Special Forest Products Markets Report

1999 - Economics and Marketing of Ginseng

1999 - Tiny Tim's Premium Ginseng Company Sample Business Plan

1999 - Forest Farming Exotic Mushroom

1999 - Forest Production of Goldenseal

1999 - Matsutake Madness in Hardwoods: Field Guide for the Commercial Matsutake Mushroom Harvester

1999 - American Ginseng Production in Woodlots

1999 - Crop Profile for Ginseng in Washington

1998 - Goldenseal Specialty Crop Factsheet

1998 - Management Experiments for High-Elevation Agroforestry Systems Jointly Producing Matsutake & Timber in Oregon

1998 - Forest Farming and Marketing Specialty Forest Products

1998 - Native Herbaceous Perennials of the PNW Worthy of Commercial Production

1998 - Maple Syrup Production for the Beginner

1998 - Lincoln County (Oregon) Grower/Gatherer Markets Analysis

1998 - Harvesting & Marketing Noble Fir Boughs

1998 - Visual Site Assessment & Grading Criteria for a Potential Woodland Ginseng Growing Operation in a Northern Forest

1997 - Forest Farming: An Agroforestry Practice

1997 - How to Make a Living Growing Medicinal Herbs

1997 - Ginseng: A Production Guide for North Carolina

1997 - A Guide to Floral Greens: Special Forest Products

1995 - Woods-Grown Ginseng

1995 - Basketry Plants West of the Cascades

1995 - Inventory & Appraisal Methodologies for Special Forest Products

1994 - Identifying Maple Trees For Syrup Production

1994 - Homemade Maple Syrup

1993 - BLM Forest Ecosystem Inventory

1993 - Managing Pinon-Juniper Ecosystems for Sustainability and Social Needs

1993 - Wild Plants for Income

1993 - Native Seed Collection Guide: For Ecosystem Restoration

1993 - Income Opportunities in Special Forest Forest: Information Self-Help Suggestions for Rural Entrepreneurs

1993 - Specific Forest Products section of the National Plan for American Forestry

1993 - Missouri Special Forest Products Project

1992 - Special Forest Products

1992 - Business Plan for Establishing a Special Forest Products Processing Plant

1991 - Production and Marketing of Louisiana Pine Straw

1990 - Growing Shitake Mushrooms

1990 - Sugarbush Management Guide to Maintaining Tree Health

1988 - Native Herbaceous Perennials of the PNW Worthy of Commercial Production

1988 - Shiitake Growers Handbook

1986 - Southwest Oregon Brush Provides Income Source for Woodland Owners

1984 - Pine Straw Market Offers Extra Income

1982 - Uncultivated Nuts of the United States

1979 - Huckleberry Ecology and Management Research in the Pacific Northwest

1979 - Commercial Production of Non-citrus Essential Oils in North America

1978 - Growing Ginseng

1978 - Tapholes in Sugar Maples: What Happens in the Tree

1975 - Floral Greenery From PNW Forests

1972 - Maple Sirup Production from Bigleaf Maple

1970 - Decorative Plants of Appalachia: A Source of Income

1966 - Wild Harvest

1963 - Special Forest Products for Profit

1959 - Edible Wild Plants

1957 - Gathering Industry West of Cascades

1950 - Secret Treasures in the Forests

1950 - Marketing Woodlot Products in the State of Washington

1942 - The Cascara Tree in British Columbia

1936 - Ginseng and other Medicinal Plants

1933 - National Plan for American Forestry (NTFP Section)

1920 - Useful Wild Plants of the US and Canada

1911 - American Medicinal Leaves and Herbs